Fairfield patients before & after - 24 treatments out of 48 total 
After only 5 treatments at a rate of one treatment a week, I have a lot of new hair growth at my widow's peak.  I have noticed that my eyelashes are getting longer and thicker and my eye brows are filling in.  I'm extremely happy with the results!  
T.S. satisfied client 10/26/15


I am 10 weeks into my treament and I am seeing new hair growth in areas where I was thinning.  I was going to use propecia initially but decided to go with Sunetics hair growth laser after doing some research and talking to Dr. Gould.  
Chris K, 34 year old male  11/15

I have been going to Hair Growth Clinic and Dr. Gould since July and am happy to report that I am regrowing hair!  After about 4 sessions, I started to notice the condition of my hair improving and little baby hairs starting to sprout.  Now, halfway through the 48 week process, I have hair where there was a big receeding area near my part.  Im so glad I was able to find out about this procedure and am excited for everyone else to see the results.  Eliza B,  52 year old mom 12/14/15


Dr. Christine Gould owns All About You Medical Spa in Fairfield CT and is happy to now offer her clients the revolutionary Sunetics Hair growth laser.  Dr. Gould's mission has always been to provide practical, high quality services to her clients and constantly bring the best thing into her medical spa.  It is this mindset that led Dr. Gould to discover Sunetics Laser Hair therapy.